I’m not one to usually write reviews. Although I really should do it more often.  Edwin Cruz and We Build it Construction is your go to for your contracting needs. I’m a stickler for efficiency and top notch work when I’m asking service people do work on my home. I take pride in my “castle” and ask them to do the same. Edwin and his crew more than professional. Punctual and ready to go each day.  They completed the job in exactly the time frame they estimated AND even added an emergency water heater replacement when we discovered a leak the night before they were to begin work on my home.  Edwin takes pride in his work and makes sure your home is protected when they are going through their process. From demolition of our entryway to replacing with a complete new front door. To the perfect match of stain for the door and all the hardware. We Build It Construction also corrected and installed new electrical to accommodate the new mounting of the TV along with wiring and new outlets.  Along with other items throughout our home he and his crew were on point from beginning to end.  I’m looking forward to working with Edwin once again when the time comes to do our room addition. I highly recommend We Build it Construction, Edwin and his amazing team of professionals.

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