I met Edwin Cruz the contractor for this company through a networking group that I belong to.  I had wanted to make some changes to my kitchen but it wasn’t a big job.  Most contractors I have met blow off small home remodels.  But Mr. Cruz was more than willing to make some time for my small remodel job.  He gave me a fair price for the services that I needed.  Like any good sales person he wanted to try to upsell but I took responsibility for my budget.  We agreed to work to be done and worked out the how the payments would be made.  We made an agreement for when he would start work and at what time.  I will be updating this review as we go along.

DAY 1:  Started out on the right foot.  He CAME TO MY HOME ON TIME!!!  that’s a big plus in my mind.  The next thing he did was to lay out protective covering for my floors.  Another big plus.  He really took the time to protect my home.  They began the demolition work.  He had a worker with him.  Both were wearing masks and protective gloves.  He came with a laser thermometer to show me not fevers.  I was very pleased to see he was concerned about both our health.  But the truly impressive thing he did.  He didn’t just show up with a crew of people I never met and dropped them off and left unsupervised.  He came with worker and the two of them began the work.  I felt safe to leave for the day while they worked.  Later in the day I received a text that they were done for the day.  I came home to find that all of the demolition materials were packed up and gone.  I saw that my floors had been swept and my appliances were clean with no dust or demo residue.  They had created a plastic barrier keeping kitchen separated from the rest of the house.  And while there were open beams in my kitchen I felt as though everything had been properly secured.  Great job guys.

DAY 2:  Even better.  ON TIME AGAIN, Edwin stayed with his worker and they proceeded to install the can lights and drywall.  Again, another great job cleaning up and leaving my home clean and ready for my use while they take Sunday off to rest.  He will be back on Monday.  My kitchen already looks soooo much better.  Thank you Edwin and Luis!

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